Marine Windows - Ship, Yacht and Boat Acrylic Windows

Call Solent if you have a requirment for plastic windows, we offer a quick turnaround for windows to your precise specification.

We can cut, profile and drill virtually any size and shape of cast acrylic (Perspex) or polycarbonate window.

Acrylic and polycarbonate are the plastic materials of choice for ships and boats where keeping the weight down is a major priority; plastic windows are virtually unbreakable however a very specialist acrylic or polycarbonate is required to withstand the abrasing effects of salt water spray.

So what is the best material for boat windows and windscreens?

A number of clear or transparent tinted materials are available.

PVC - light, not transparent enough and not UV stable.
PETG - light, scratches easily and not UV stable.
UV-PETG - light, scratches easily.
Standard polycarbonate - light, scratches easily and not UV stable
Acrylic - the best acrylic is UV stabilised cast acrylic which is light, has very good optical characteristics, is resistant to chemical corrosion, hazing, marring, abrasion and scratching.
Polycarbonate - light very hard, high optical grade, providing enhanced resistance to hazing, marring, abrasion and scratching of the surface. Very good, very expensive, about 4 to 6 times the price of acrylic.
Glass, is too heavy and breakable!

Our choice - we generally use top quality acrylics, occasionally polycarbonate. Beware of cheaper acrylics that do not have UV stabilizers in them and some cheaper acrylics that suffer from thickness variations and surface imperfections.

A quick turnaround for an order is only possible from a flexible and committed company such as Solent Acrylic. Please call us first if you have a need for windows.

Precision fabrication and engineering specialist delivers 50 windows for cross channel ferry.

When a Portsmouth based ship repairer was commissioned by a ferry operator to replace a complete set of acrylic windows on one of their large twin-deck passenger catamarans, although there were over 50 windows needing replacing ....