Water Tanks, Cooling Tanks and Bespoke Bowls and Plinths

We manufacture custom aquaria for restaurants, shops and private houses. Acrylic water tanks and cooling systems for research applications, water reservoirs for specialist cooling equipment and bespoke displays for shops, architects, toy makers and for point-of-sale.

Above is a cooled table recently produced for a scientific equipment manufacturer and to the right, for the toy department at Harrods, is a bespoke bowl and display plinth.

For the scientific laboratory supplier we fabricate covers, waterbaths, splash guards, air handling systems, etc.

Our gluing technique

Strong joints are particularly important for large acrylic water tanks because of the high pressure that water exerts. The technique we have developed is to machine grooves into the surfaces to be joined. This provides extra structural strength and ensures a robust virtually unbreakable bond.

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Solent Acrylic takes delivery
of a Tekcel Series E CNC Router

This latest addition to its impressive portfolio of machinery and tooling will enable Solent to further enhance their offering to customers.