Medical Instruments

When we say medical, we mean instruments used in a medical environment that can benefit from being made from acrylic.

The image above is of an instrument for measuring the volume of a probe prior to an internal body procedure. We don't need to go into any more detail, but acrylic instruments tick all the boxes when it comes to their use in the medical environment because they are:

  • lightweight
  • precise
  • transparent

The image to the right is a specialised acrylic model that represents an X-ray machine's geometry. Once the radiologist knows what part he is needing to irradiate on a person's body, then this model helps to establish the beam angle. The full size X-ray machine can then be set up prior to treatment.

Please contact us if you have an instrument you need us to produce for you. 


Solent Acrylic takes delivery
of a Tekcel Series E CNC Router

This latest addition to its impressive portfolio of machinery and tooling will enable Solent to further enhance their offering to customers.