Gluing & Bonding

Whatever we are gluing - acrylic, abs, polycarbonate, or any other plastic, the right adhesive is essential for a strong, clean, clear result.

There are a number of adhesives available which we use. Most recently we have settled on a chemical glue (Acrifix 107) to bond cast extruded acrylic together. The machined parts are cleaned and smoothed prior to bonding to produce a clear glued joint. The glue is applied into the joint by syringe or bottle in a capillary action. This provides an accurate and clean glue joint; the holding time is about 60 seconds and is fully cured in 3-4 hours ready for the components to be flame polished. This process provides a robust quality joint.

Water Tanks

Strong joints are particularly important for acrylic water tanks with the high pressure that water exerts. The technique we have developed is to machine grooves into the surfaces to be joined. This provides extra structural strength and ensures a robust virtually unbreakable bond.


Latest Products

We have recently produced:

Water filled experimental "Testing Tank" for government research laboratory

Protective guards for precious artifacts

Boat windows for local yacht building company